PROUD to be Yourself…

“Don’t wait until you have reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards reaching that goal.”

If you haven’t heard it yet, let me tell you. I’M PROUD OF YOU! For everything you have done to reach here, For every single moment where you have made yourself strong, for every night you cried and suffered through those hardest shits, for every smile you maintain to pass it to someone, and for EVERY thing that I have forgot to mention here. :p I’m sorry about that.. So, this one was my words for you by deep down my heart believe it or not. But there’s also something you should be proud of yourself.

I am going to tell you some reasons you should be proud about yourself. So tighten your seat belts and just go on and read.

1. Proud to be what and whoever you are. There are a lot of people like you on this earth who think that I don’t have a perfect body shape or I don’t like my complexion or I can’t study like other students in my class or I can’t sing or whatever is it. Remember one thing, you are far far and far better than them in the subject you love. You are that great ‘someone‘ that they can never be like even into their wildest dreams.. ~and we danced all night to the best song everrr!~..Oops I’m sorry about that. Maybe you are a musician, maybe you have prettier eyes, maybe you have the biggest heart, maybe you care for people, maybe you can write very well and maybe you listen to your heart, maybe you can eat more fries, maybe you do things behind closed doors not showing to anyone, maybe you know what most of the people don’t know. You are what they are not. Proud to be who you are. Because you are one of a kind.

2. Proud to be born this way. Let me tell you something about myself, I’m a fat girl and I know that very well. I never weigh myself because I know the results will be horrible! And the most important part, I am proud that I have a body like this. I don’t know why! But I love myself having chubby chicks. How stupid this is no?.. But it is important for me. I am what I am and if someone judges me about my body I just listen to them to make sure that they are getting importance. And when they get lost.. I forget that every single thing they have said to me. DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY AND NEVER THINK ABOUT THE NEGATIVES. Love yourself dude!

3. Don’t be proud on everything you do. It’s okay to feel proud about yourself and the stuff you do but it’s not necessary to feel it for everything. Like you beaten up someone without any reason, you passed exam with cheating, you abused animals or any person, and you bullied someone and whatever it is bad and negative. I’m saying this to you because pride comes before fall. Mind it! Yanna rascala..

4. I’m proud to be different; it’s the best thing about me. Is there anything left to say? To explain? Is it? Then let me know about it. Have you ever seen someone who is handicapped or with any disability? I don’t think there are stronger people than those who face problems every morning they wake and every night they sleep. I really LOVE those people and really, I RESPECT them with depth of my heart. Our problems are nothing if we compare them to the angels’ living in this world with their disabilities. You’ve got to learn so much from them and serve respect to those people. And you never know which deed of yours’ God loves the most.

5. YOU ARE AMAZING!. Believe it or not. It’s a truth of the day. Wait, what you said? Why am I amazing? Yeah ok let me tell you. You read this whoooooooole thing and still reading and pretending that I’ll tell you why you are amazing. You are not that stupid right. How can I know what is your passion? If you have any passion then you are AMAZING and if you don’t have any, then you’re still amazing.. I don’t know why.. just amazing..

I’m so confusing right? I know. Passions are really a gift from God to us. It’s a big thing which describes us the best way. I have my passion, you have yours. So let’s change the world with our own colors and thoughts. I know it’s a dramatic line but at least think about it. This is the right time to show what we are and I know that world is gonna accept it in a humble way. The future is waiting for you and your success will lead you to the best, you could ever have been.

Thanks A lot for Reading!


-The Clever Idiot a.k.a Nisha


Types of Aunties..

This is going to be a disaster!..

Hello readers! as I haven’t updated any post from six days! I have to be punished. So here I am writing about aunties which I don’t like at all. God has experimented on each and every aunt surviving on this planet that is why they all are different from each other. There’s no one left in this world who doesn’t relate to this post so just get ready for the roller coaster of life with “Aunties”.

1. The Leech.

Okay so these aunties will simply stick to you and suck your blood just like we have beautiful annelid, Leech. They will ask you about your day and your favorite hobbies and your ex girlfriend and your favorite boxers and your favorite sock and everything you could never imagine. Once you have told about yourself, they will try to make you do things they want you to do. Like – Son, make interest in study too it is really good for your future. Beta don’t go anywhere without telling your parents. Beta never betray anyone if they want to teach you something. Beta my uncle’s daughter’s husband’s son’s friend’s father’s son’s mother’s daughter went to america just by winning a lemon-spoon race and she settled there by marrying a butler. I’ll tell you later what’s lemon-spoon race.

2. The Vampire.

These are also blood sucking aunties (as usual). If your mummy’s favorite hobby is to tell her friends about your bad habits then they will also scold you for taking long baths. They will tell this to the other and to the another and to the another. Next day you will probably read a breaking news headline on paper- “Y/N takes so much long bath; that is why all the Nemo fishes are dying!”. And you will think of suicide (Do you? really?). Think of yourself bitten by a Vampire Aunt on your neck. Hahaha :p this is too good I’m enjoying!

3. The Sweet Devil.

They will look at you with the most lovable face but believe me they have stabbed you more than 100 times because you haven’t greeted them when they entered in the house. Because IT IS FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR SELF RESPECT!! why don’t you understand idiot! oh sorry here’s only one idiot, The Clever Idiot ;). They will complain later this to your parents with a pleasant way, I think you know the tone ;).

4. The Teacher.

They will scold you, shout on you, almost beaten you up. The shittiest person can ever be. They will scold you because you haven’t clean up the sofa to make place for them to sit. They will shout on you because you have increased the volume of T.V just to evade yourself to listen to their gossips. They will almost beaten you up because you have thrown a glass of water on them by MISTAKE. You can’t prove them it was by a mistake, well God Bless You.

5. The Caring One.

These are best ones. They will bring you some gifts and give you some when they leave the house. They never let you feel upset or bored. They will always care for you and treat you like their children. They will pull cheeks with all the strength and don’t stop if you don’t act like you’re dead. That’s all I can say about them.

6. The ‘I am too young!’.

They will never agree that they are old enough to call them ‘Aunt’. They never like it even if they have 15 kids. They are polite as hell and never speaks loud. They will just smile if you tell her a hilarious joke, no matter if you died laughing when you first heard it. You will be doubted about yourself if you’re normal or not after that incident. It happens my friend, it happens.


Okay that was all from me for Aunties! because there’s an endless list of types of them like I have some examples.

  • The Serial Killer. (watches every damn show on T.V no matter how flop it is).
  • The Slimmest woman in society. (She will be the fat one but never agrees it and always praise her slimness).
  • The Confidential. (It’s always correct what I say so you should shut up and follow what I say).
  • The flirt. (I don’t have to say anything more).
  • The Cook. (She always burn her food and sends it to the every single house in the society so that she could eat ordered pizza plus get rid of that horrible dish).
  • The Wedding Planner. (In your wedding I’ll buy that dress, I’ll dance more, when will you get married? Marry soon or you’ll get leftovers and so on).

I’m sure you have a story of handling an aunt at your home or in a party of anywhere you know. Share your story with me, umm it’s okay if you don’t want to. There’s no one forcing you.

Thanks A lot for Reading!

15 Reasons why I don’t want to loose weight..

Hello guys! I am back with another stupidity ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha well I haven’t planned to write today but somehow I ended up here typing about my weight issues. Umm, let’s not say it as an issue. I really don’t like my fatness and weight like all the girls but I am too lazy to loose weight.

I want to share some reasons why I don’t want to loose weight because I think all of you can relate to some of them. So let’s not waste the time and just do the thing for what we are here for.

  1. I am afraid of exercises because they consume too much energy. :p
  2. I want to be a different one.
  3. It’s a test for the person who loves me, if he would accept me like who I am and not what he wants.
  4. Exercises.
  5. Fat girls look cute.
  6. I am too lazy to join gym and wake up early in the morning.
  7. I don’t want to blow away with the wind by loosing weight.
  8. I can never be hungry because I am Niall Horan’s girl.
  9. Exercises.
  10. I like buying new clothes when I don’t fit in my older ones.ย 
  11. I don’t like slim girls because I can never be like them. so… you can understand.
  12. My relatives won’t like it when I get slim because they will worry about me that my mother is not giving me proper food or I am getting sick or weak.
  13. I have to sacrifice my pizza and fries and chocolates and soft drinks and burgers and biryani. I should die instead.
  14. Exercises.
  15. I am what I am so if you’re here to judge me. You better go and do some push-ups ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sooooooooo…. all I wanna say is be yourself and don’t worry what other people say. Do what your heart says. If you have no problem with your body shape then there should be no one to say anything about you or your looks. Just stay confident in your skin because everything else is uncertain.

Thanks A lot for Reading!

The War Zone

The skies were resembling with my wounds,

My weapons seems to be heavier as I fell on the dusty ground,

Was it because I was getting weaker?

Or was it because I was losing my hopes…

The enemies were getting stronger and stout..

The blades were getting more reddish and rogue,

The streams of blood were behaving more disgruntled..

I could hear all the screams in my mind,

The mourning of people clenched in my heart..

Was this I was born for? Born to die?

Was this my people expected from me?ย 

Am I letting go of everything and everyone I loved?

Am I letting them get killed in front of my eyes?

Before the second thought came to my mind..

I lunged at my sword to fight back,

I got up to change the colors of skies which looked more endangering..

To strip off the enemies from my ground..

To gift my mother the freedom she always thought of..

As I stabbed my sword in their chests,

I felt alive, powerful, strong and free..

I felt like a Warrior,

Who is not afraid to die..!

5 Types of Beggars in India..

Helloww Everyone! Well I’m back with another one! this blog is dedicated to our own precious and respectable beggars in India. You won’t understand what to do when these types of beggars will come to you and look direct into your eyes with most innocent face and you have to give them because of the pity you feel on them. These are the most innocent and clever types of people who will make you feel good and frighten at the same time. Fear for what? I’ll tell you.

So here we are to discuss about some types of beggars in India. Tighten your seat belts please!

1. The Puppy Face.

Oi Oi! aammm.. Sorry about that :p This type of beggars will come to you, look at you in the face with ‘that’ puppy face and asks you if you could give some money. You’ll give a 10 Rs. note to them and they will be like ,”I asked for 50 Rs.”They’ll say in the tone of ‘give it or take it, I don’t want your chillars (Coins)’. You will stand still there thinking about what the heck just happened here and he will leave you their with your money you tried to donate. Did he just insulted you? I mean he refused to take 10 rs.? I mean you can buy two chocolates of 5 stars in 10 rs., you can have tea with a packet of biscuits in 10 rs., you can buy a packet of Lays in 10 rs., you can even have a swiss roll in 10 rs.! My God….

2. The Extreme Stubborn Kids

I have a story to tell now. In 2015, it was our school picnic and me and my friends were roaming in the garden of India gate in a beautiful weather. Suddenly couple of kids came and asked us for some money or food. I took out a packet of biscuits from my bag and gave them. I felt good and they left. I followed my eyes in whichever direction they were going. They went to some other kids and hid that packet in a plastic bag and what I saw that it was full of packets of biscuits, chips etc. They were collecting the stuff God knows why. I ignored it and we all sat under a tree and took out our lunch boxes and the beautiful smell of food were increasing the urge to eat the whole meal. After 2 minutes a couple of other kids of the same gang came and asked for the packets of biscuits. My friend asked if they could take a plate of biryani. They refused and again demanded the same thing. We said we are out of them you can take a plate of biryani or just go. They started misbehaving and saying unnecessary things. One of the girl shouted at them and they left.

I mean if you have any self respect and you love your life then just give them what they want. You can find them on traffic signals, monument places, parks and markets. Almost everywhere in India. God save the people who face this type of people daily. I wish them good luck.

3. The Well-Wishers (Umm Probably).

These are mostly the woman beggars. These beggars are like the age of your Grand mothers and they won’t ask you to give money, they will praise you with an innocent face and if you give them money you’ll be more praised. If you don’t have anything to give their wishes will become negatives. If you want your future to be good then you have to give them what they want. So if you find this types of Amma anywhere just go and give some money otherwise get ready for the bad wishes for yourself.

4. Rickshaw Puller with a Patient.

“Can you see this person lying on this cart who is really compelled and helpless. He has a very huge disease which needs more and more money to live his life. Just look at this person and if you have a heart then donate some money to him……” the loud speaker placed behind the patient has a recording of these type of dialogues to make you feel more pity on them. They seems so annoying and loud that you should literally stop talking because your partner can’t listen what you are trying to say. And the most important part, the patient will lay there and just sleep without any worry what is going on in the world and that rickshaw puller will just drag the cart here and there even in the worst summer of Delhi. God knows why their heads don’t burst by listening to that loud recorded voice of a person.

5. The Miraculous Baba with super powers!

You can find them on Temples, Dargah, under a Banyan tree and I don’t know where ever they want to sit. In front of temples they will dress an orange gown and orange turban with a necklace of beads which are called as Rudraksh. They will tell you the future, your jobs opportunities, your marriage future, your AIPMT result scorings etc. etc. He knows better than God and that is why you have to pay them in thousands and hundreds. In front of Dargah or Mosques, they will dress in a green gown with black turban and a bunch of peocock feathers to brush away all the sins you have done just by doing some strokes of it on your head. They are one of the loudest beggars because they will shout and scream the praising words and call you near and give them whatever you have. You have to pay them same as the aboves. You cannot refuse to give them money otherwise they will curse you!

Oh My god! yeh mera India. I don’t think there are any other country where we find these types of beggars but I think Pakistan could be the same as India. I seriously don’t give money to every beggar on my way but if I have some extra thing I will give no matter how many thousands he have stored in his bag or any other place. I am not saying do not give and donate. Please donate as much as you can because there are hundreds of people waiting just for your help! You don’t know how much difficult is to live without food all day long. If you would ask me to do it, I would donate to the NGOs and organisations who help slum people and help their children for education.

I wish I made it make you understand things I wanted to say.

Thanks A lot for Reading!

I was wrong..

I was wrong..

When I used to think you loved me too..

I was wrong..

When I waited for you the whole day long..

I was wrong..

When I dreamed of you smiling at me..

I was wrong..

Every time I pretended that you will always be with me..

I was wrong..

When I thought you will be different..

I was wrong..

When I missed you like hell and wasted my tears on you..

I was wrong.. every time..

But now I am strong enough..

I know,

You will miss me one day and regret..

You left me behind..

You were wrong.. ย 

With Love, from Nisha..

Today! I am gonna show you what I would do if you let me live in the freedom. Today, I’m gonna show the original me. Today, I am gonna show you what is my passion and what I love the most.

Okay enough of filmy lines now kaam ki baat (thing of use), I have drew a thing on my wall and I have already told this about to Mr. A-jazz :p. Well, It’s a small tribute to Zayn Malik. I am a HUGE fan of One Direction and as Zayn has left the band (which was really hard for me to accept :/) and he made his new album “Mind of Mine” and I am really really proud of him!. Here’s the picture from my wall-

mind of mine.jpgย The picture quality isn’t that good because of my phone (Pff! :p). I am feeling so good by looking at it and I don’t know why! I look so stupid while looking at it. But I want to tell you guys that whatever he is doing I am so proud of Zayn Malik and honestly I can’t choose anyone of them (Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne). I have also written a song’s lyrics for them of ‘Story of my Life’ on my wall. It was one of the songs where they all five boys were together in the video. You might feel bored while reading this if you don’t know them. But you know the teenage love life seems so deep and stupid.

Here’s the previous one I have made about 2 months ago I guess!

somlAgain the picture quality sucks. ahh well!

This one’s for my life, I mean for the band. I hope you guys would like to comment for the pics!

With Love,

For One Direction,

From Nisha

Thanks for visiting ๐Ÿ™‚


Do not judge me..

Hello Readers,

Actually it’s not a proper post but I have to say something. Since I have been here I have made some friends which have a really special place in my life and my account. If any one of you does not want to talk to me just let me know because I really don’t like it if a person leaves me like I wasn’t ever your friend. Give me the reason of why you don’t want to talk to me and you can go if I think it’s the proper reason to do so.

I don’t like leaving people without any reason. I am what I am and I am not going to change myself for any one, instead of my father. So, if you want to be my friend, you have to accept me in the exact way I am.

Thank you!

Cleveridiot a.k.a Nisha

When a woman will become a President of our country!..

It gives goose bumps even at a thought about it, isn’t it? Girls are one of the most confusing things God has ever created. They will never understand even their selves. Today my best friend visited my house and she was upset about something. I got tired of consulting her that the problems never stay forever in our lives, they comes and goes. But NO! she cried, she laughed, she ate a full plate of fried rice, she cried, she confused me, she made my brain useless, she cried, she drank a glass of soft drink with me, she got up to go, she talked, she shared again, she asked me to say something encouraging, I explained everything, she talked, at last she left. Uff! girls are so complicated.

Here I am with few reasons of what happen “When a woman will become a President of our Country”. I can’t be like that, but maybe sometimes I become this type of girl, I don’t know if I have been this person to someone. Okay so let’s stick to the topic, I have a lot to do.

Rules of Attire

  • The new rule for all the brands of country! that no company will make more than two copies of a dress because it is so painful to see girl wearing a same dress like me in a function, college or school.
  • Both the copies are shipped on the opposite sides of the world.
  • All the shops, bring the stuff which I want to buy and not the stuff you want to sell. Because I don’t like to roam in the whole market to search for it.

Rules for Display Pictures

  • Do not judge me if I have uploaded a pic of my earlobe. It’s a part of my body and I have the right to update it as my DP (display picture).
  • If I have bought a new mascara, I can upload a picture of it when I applied it first time.
  • I have an Apple iphone 6 and a bunch of cosmetics so I can click their pic together and update it with an attitude status.
  • Make horrible faces while taking a selfie, I can’t even survive on this planet without a pout.

Rules for Jokes

  • Do not make fun of our intelligence (really?).
  • You have to laugh if I tell you a joke because it is really important for my ‘self-respect quotient’.

Rules in School/College

  • Only me and my best friend will sit on the first bench because I have a crush on my maths teacher.
  • Kill that b**** because she looked at my boyfriend with a smile.
  • There should be a notice board for girls where we could paste our favorite bands posters! (I would cover it from One Direction’s).
  • Tell me the answer if I asked you in a serious test otherwise you will be the most infamous person in the school. (GOSSIPS!)

Rules for Shopping

  • If you want to open a shop, you have to make it big and include more and more varieties to it so that we can buy each one of them.
  • You want to be my boyfriend? First agree that you will pick up the hundreds of shopping bags every week ( I think ‘spending a lot of money on shit would be first thing to be accepted!)
  • You should be ready for bargaining only for girls.

Rules for being a Boyfriend/Husband

  • You should be ready to handle the melodrama coming to your life.
  • The screamingly insane cries for no reason.
  • The quite-a-depressed life you will face in future.
  • Spend a lot of money.
  • Try to understand the thing which I am not talking about.
  • Confusion like hell about if you’re alive or not.
  • Try to know the difference between colors (like blood red and rosy red)
  • Come on time and still says sorry for being 2 seconds late.

There could be hundreds of things which can be written here. But, seriously don’t you guys think if a teenage girl or 20+ woman will get a chance to be a president, will these amazingly shitty things happen to our country?

Some girls are stupid and they will never know about it. I don’t like girls with tantrums and all the Adaayein (I don’t know the word for Adaa). If you guys agree with me then please comment your beautiful words below and if you think I have missed some thing then please share your thoughts it would be a pleasure!

Thank you for reading!





One Day…

One day when I’m gone,
One day when you’ll don’t have someone to scold,
One day when the sky will be like it wasn’t ever before,
One day when you find my body pale and still,
One day when you just can’t handle yourself,
One day when you’ll find your biggest regret,
One day when you’ll miss me..
On that day, you will realize that I left nothing but a mirror for you.
In which you will see what you have done to yourself and made it more hard to breath.
On that day you’ll see me smiling since you have entered in my life.
I wish that you could see storms and the winds which I have seen.
Only then you will realize,
That I actually tried my best to live with you.
But it could never be always about you anymore.
One day…
I’ll be free from this world, this life, this love, this YOU!…