It’s Just an Another Night..

It’s just an Another Night,

I was thinking about you..

And my heart is willing to burst out,

My throat is heavy,

My lungs are frozen,

My eyes are dry,

My lips are quite..

It’s just an Another Night,

I’m fighting with my tears..

I’m afraid of falling apart,

There’s a storm all around me,

Making me feel sick and hard to survive..

Or I can say it’s your love and presence,

That’s denying me to feel alive..

It’s just an Another Night, 

I’m searching for the same thing..

The thing that once was a reason,

Of my smile and my hope..

And you killed it though,

Once again, did you became a hero?..

It’s just an Another Night, 

I am pretending that you’ll come..

You’ll caress my cheek,

And wipe my tears away..

But still, I’m the only one here,

Sitting on my chair holding a blade..

To make my pain more painful, 

bring me to the end of this war..


it’s just an Another Night, 

with another scar..

Hello people!

As you’ve read it, there’s  lot of serious stuff in this poem. But nothing like ‘holding a blade’ or ‘with another scar’. These all are fictional. Emotions, I can say they are real that is why I wrote it this way. I was angry and depressed on that time and it’s one of the previous poems I have written a time ago.

Thank you for reading!


33 thoughts on “It’s Just an Another Night..

  1. Its just another night,
    But its the same old fight,
    To find that inner strength,
    And to do what is truly right,
    To keep fighting through the darkest hours,
    To stay entrenched throughout the night,
    Until you see the sun shine upon this earth,
    And feeleth the warmth on thy skin of sunlight !

    Could not resist writing a comment for your lovely poem, but the inner poet took over that task ! Now you know why my blog is “extemporized” lol…anyways looking forward to reading more poetry from you, and make a new friend perhaps ! Cheers, Advaita

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  2. Cleveridiot!
    You may register this under the daily post prompt “Scars”.
    I have done one you may read “Point-Blank” right now on my front page.
    If you have already done, that should be fine.

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  3. This is such a marvellous work! Beautifully written!! You have an amazing talent in conveying the emotions. I have experienced these very same emotions and you conveyed the same in the best possible way. Again, great work!! 🙂

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  4. A highly emotional share from a gal, that expels under the wounds of some perishing schedules, eh? 😕. Things u tried to conveyed through this post really touched my heart deeply Clever 0ne. Thanks for this thought provoking simple poetry!:)


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  5. Yeah. I won’t stop. But you know when it’s your brother (cousin) who guided you in every stage of your life and suddenly shut you off without any reason and even saying anything. He just left me which was really hard for me to accept. But you said the truth. Thanks 🙂

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  6. As you quote;
    ‘But still, you are the only one here,
    Sitting on your chair holding a blade..’

    I would say life has more reasons to stay
    So just keep on sharing as this phase will soon fade.

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  7. Beautifully written….
    “I’m searching for the same thing..

    The thing that once was a reason,

    Of my smile and my hope..

    And you killed it though,” these lines are touching…..I felt them…..

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