The War Zone

The skies were resembling with my wounds,

My weapons seems to be heavier as I fell on the dusty ground,

Was it because I was getting weaker?

Or was it because I was losing my hopes…

The enemies were getting stronger and stout..

The blades were getting more reddish and rogue,

The streams of blood were behaving more disgruntled..

I could hear all the screams in my mind,

The mourning of people clenched in my heart..

Was this I was born for? Born to die?

Was this my people expected from me? 

Am I letting go of everything and everyone I loved?

Am I letting them get killed in front of my eyes?

Before the second thought came to my mind..

I lunged at my sword to fight back,

I got up to change the colors of skies which looked more endangering..

To strip off the enemies from my ground..

To gift my mother the freedom she always thought of..

As I stabbed my sword in their chests,

I felt alive, powerful, strong and free..

I felt like a Warrior,

Who is not afraid to die..!

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