The Wedding Day (part-1)


“Look at Her, She’s glowing!”, Said an aunt of mine

As I woke up & walked in sunshine..

My heart was acting insane

The breaths, the beats, the brain..

As I rolled my eyes on the decorations

The orange & yellow flowers, beautiful combinations..

I noticed marooned henna on my hands

Wondered if he could find his name on its grands..

I could feel the different mild air

The day was more bright and fair..

The music being played all night long

The dances, the whistles, the celebrations along..

I can’t believe it’s the day

The day we have planned so far..

He and I will get hitched today

So many years, waited for this day..

“Get ready my baby girl”- heard a voice

My mom stared at me with a rejoice..

Her eyes were wet I could see though

I tried to hug her but she said me to go..

I left her in the lawn crossing all the relatives

Thinking about my Lehnga and all those imperatives..

Excited, nervous and happy I reached the room

Scattered stuff on my bed made me bloomed..

The make-ups, the bangles, the jewellery and sandals

My glittering eyes and thoughts got more tangled..

My best friend was there helping me to get ready

The pressure of looking good was killing me already..

I heard some loud noises out of the window

She opened the door glancing at them and bingo!..

“HE’s here” she giggled and ran closer to me

My heart skipped and I can’t tell was it my happiness, or just HE..

I looked in the mirror and there was someone else

Is this me or any other girl who just got out from the shell..

“You are looking beautiful” -she said

“He won’t take his eyes off of you” –she said..

I just smiled back and held her hands tightly

My mom entered with a smile but more brightly..

She was looking so happy I can’t express

She came closer to me leaving behind all the stress..

I hugged her back as I wanted that much to be

I looked again in the mirror still not believing if it’s me..

“You’re looking so pretty today” mom said in a broken voice

I glanced at her eyes resembling with the previous noise..

“Mumma please don’t cry” I said in my sobs

I could see my past life hiding in fogs..

I thought about the new life and  the new character

My new story will be quoted as “happily ever after”..


Hey Readers!

Well it’s a poetry, I don’t know if i am right about this word because this time i am working on this short story in form of poem. This is part 1 and the next part will be the end. Not more than 2 parts because it won’t be short story then 😀 hehe. Well please don’t forget to comment your kind views and critiques are also welcomed. So it was just a quick note for you. And yes, also don’t forget to give it a star if you liked it.

Thanks A lot for Reading!

.The.Clever.Idiot. aka Nisha 🙂


29 thoughts on “The Wedding Day (part-1)

  1. It was awesome 🙂 heartfelt . one should read it and understand what it takes to a bride’s family… when it comes to marriage… Respect their emotions .. It’s a life time event !!

    Liked by 1 person

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