56 Things you feel when in a Relationship..

Hello Amazing people!

Was wondering if no one was alone in this world how beautiful that would be, no? But sometimes being alone is the only thing we need in our lives. No matter what, how, why, but Love is the most amazing feeling we have in our journey. It comes in lots of ways like the very first love we receive is from our Mothers (awww ^_^). There are many forms of love like friendship love, family love, partner’s love, fake love (No place for it here anyway), celebrity love, crush love, gadgets love, hobbies love and so on.

Let’s stick to the topic otherwise I will keep rubbishing words out. Here we go!

56 Things you feel when in a Relationship-

  1. Loved. Whatever comes to your way that person will stick to you and be your armor. Nothing can replace this feeling ever in your lifetime.
  2. Important. As that person makes you feel like that. You are with the perfect one if he/she does.
  3. Lucky. Being with them and not able to feel alone when they aren’t around you because you are so happy to have them as a part of your life that you just can’t be sad. (The same happens to me ;)).
  4. Protected. It comes when you hug them and feel the entire world of yours exist in their arms. It happens really!
  5. Easy. Problems just fuuush away when you share things with them.
  6. Addicted. To their essence.
  7. Blissful. When they are around you and do something stupid all over the place.
  8. Crazy. About their little things.
  9. Jealousy. When they talk to someone else.
  10. Fondness. Of holding them close when you feel upset.
  11. Hurt. When you have a fight.
  12. Scared. Of losing them.
  13. Happy. for their achievements and all.
  14. Blessed. for having them in your life.
  15. Thankful. for every thing they do.
  16. Understandings. wow…
  17. Free. IF you are with the perfect partner, no one can stop you for doing what you want. Trust me.
  18. Accepted. No matter what shit you do everyday, that person just won’t complaint and appreciate the things you do.
  19. Confident. About their tasks with you and without you.
  20. Courageous. You will spontaneously be like that if you both have great bonds.
  21. Eager. To get them into your life for ever.
  22. Fulfilled. Almost no voids left anymore in your life.
  23. Worried. When they don’t message or give a call.
  24. Intimate. Mmmmmm.. hihi :p
  25. Inspired. From their works.
  26. Interested. In their hobbies, seriously you will get involved in their favorite hobbies and make it your own. Aw 🙂
  27. Mad. Eventually at certain things.
  28. Open. In front of them you won’t feel restricted. But that’s a different thing if you feel nervous. O! I got a new one also :D.
  29. Nervous. Because you feel butterflies in your stomach and maybe something else….
  30. Strong. Just being with them and spending time will heal you with great results. Yeah really..
  31. Good. Nothing else to say.
  32. Proud. To have them in your limited life.
  33. Respected. That’s the best part about being in a real relationship.
  34. Startled. When your partner do something crazy for you.
  35. Excited. When they your special days more special. aw.
  36. Uncontrolled. When it comes to love, no restrictions anyway.
  37. Alive. It’s good sign, otherwise some girls are really weird :D. uh I am not weird.
  38. Carefree. Of your body shape, color or whatever. If it’s right, it’s RIGHT.
  39. Groovy. Sweet!
  40. Blah. yeah. When you’re talking some rubbishes.
  41. Blushes. Aww that is soo kiyooooot! (cute)
  42. Aww. Am I saying it a lot??? Ah never mind.
  43. Kind. With response of what your partner does.
  44. Complete. No there’s 12 more left. Just kiddin’! 
  45. Drama. Aw baby haven’t you ate lunch yet? Aw baby you look so cute in blue! and so on.
  46. Be-you-tiful. Hmmm I mean it.
  47. Never Enough. Everytime you meet them it’s just never enough.
  48. Eternal. together forever ^_^
  49. Trust. no need to explain.
  50. Promises. Fragile part of your relationship.
  51. Encouraged. And it also make you feel happy and strong.
  52. Stupid. That how can a person love someone so much?
  53. Generous. 
  54. Hope. That you will survive and won’t give up.
  55. Comfortable. per-fect.
  56. Romantic. 

Ooooo it finished? Thank God. My fingers were about to burst 😀 😀

No I was joking. I love writing, Yayy! Well shits apart please don’t forget to comment your views and give it a star if you think it was so! 

Thanks A lor for Reading!



30 thoughts on “56 Things you feel when in a Relationship..

  1. ok thanks. I thought they are present in wordpress itself. I am not going to download for the time being will use this only 🙂 🙂

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  2. Hii 🙌 not true in every relationship but yeah it is found rarely. Thanks a lot by the way 😊 you were nowhere to be seen 😕 chalo finally got smthng from you. And thanks fr your obviously kind view 😉 arey can you help me with new post? I am not able to think new topic.

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