Yeah, I left you there

Yeah, I rised from the ground..

Not because of what you thought about me

Just because of what I wanted to see in myself..

I won’t regret about having you in my life

As a shitty past, but as a lesson for my vibes..

I won’t give up on myself ever

Not even when you’ll come again to say your things..

I won’t care if you make excuses like always

Because it’s time for me and not your bitchy illusions..

You’ll never know what I have been through 

And I won’t complaint anyway..

And you know why? 

Because I don’t think you have expectations from yourself either..

If you had some, you would never have done this

But as I said, I won’t complaint..

You are free to live your life

And let me live mine..

Fuck you, fuck your lies

I don’t care anymore..


Hello people!

Yayyy i have finished this one finally. Well let me tell you guys the truth I just wrote it 😛. So please give me your views about it because they are important as oxygen for my stuff. Give it a star if you liked it well obviously. And sorry I used some bad language in it 🙈🙈.Hah! And I PROMISE that the next post will cause you guys pain because you will roll in the field launghing 👍.

Lots of love



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