Rusty Canvases..


Maybe you don’t know,

I love you from the soul..

Your presence erases all of my fears,

Just don’t know how you washed away my tears..

I love your smile and shimmery glances,

Your kiss, your shirt, your heavenly fragrances..

I want to explore every minute thing of yours,

Your weakness, your strength, your hearty shores..

Cuddling on the couch in the middle of the night,

Kissing your soul and stealing your inner sights..

I may will never ever get enough of you,

Darling, I want to touch your skin and be new..

That unlit mole on the right side of your bottom neck,

Still makes me crazy and my heart throb for a sec..

As I embellish you on my rusty canvases,

I stained myself as that golden intimate stances..



Hello Guys!

Well… hmmm just hit like if you liked it and if you already liked it then thanks for liking! Really? yeah. Please don’t forget to comment your views they are important as oxygen to me.

Thanks A lot for Reading!



17 thoughts on “Rusty Canvases..

  1. always welcome. 🙂
    words always find the way to where they belong… in the hearts of the readers. Loving to write and read, and trying to be a writer- that’s all i believe in.
    You write- and that itself is a great thing. Stay awesome. 😉

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  2. You words totally means a lot and thank you soo much you took time to read my work. I am stunned bcz there wasn’t much people reading my stuff since few weeks but as u know the fruit belongs to the one who waits. So the situation kinda match with it 😃😄 thanks once again and stay blessed ❤❤

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  3. I love simple, pristine love poetry. Something that’s not too cheesy, not to magical… feels real and hits the heart and warms a smile.
    Yours just made me happy that such poems do exist.. and so do loving, lovely people. 🙂
    Keep the love, Spread the joy.

    And thanks for the comment*, I know I’m late to thank you for it…

    (this one)*

    I’m so glad my words make sense to you and make you feel like you arent alone in the world for feeling what you do.

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