It was me.. Dead.

It was 2 AM at night I still was scrolling on my feed like it is involved in my daily routine. Nothing interesting was their at all so I put my phone back beside my pillow and stared at the blank wall. I kept thinking about my mistakes and future stuff like everyone do. 10 minutes later I was yawning like a goat so I Β closed my eyes and decided to wait for sleep to come.

Few seconds later I saw myself in a place which was all deep white and nothing was there, not even my shadow. I walked in some direction I don’t know and kept walking expecting some results of this benumbed white atmosphere. “Hellooo..” I called for someone to hear me but it was the same. I was in my bedroom a minute ago but where the hell am I now? How would I get back? I was worried and scared and nothing was running through my mind until I saw someone whispering for help.

That person was some meters away from me. She was laying and the blood was flowing from her body continuously. I was nervous and scared after watching her in that condition. I stepped towards her almost dead body but still she was calling for help. I looked around expecting some other normal person like me but there wasn’t anyone. My feet were like shivering because I haven’t saw anyone like this before.

As I reached to her, my soul was thrilled…

There wasn’t any cloth on her body, her scars, her blood and dark blemishes covered her..

It was me.. laying there.. so weakened and still..

For a moment I didn’t understood what was going on. I ran away from that girl exactly like me but again I saw her in my way. I looked back at the previous one but it wasn’t there.

I screamed for help and again there wasn’t anyone to hear me. That girl called me again but I didn’t went close to her. I was so scared that I started crying. But for my surprise my tears weren’t coming from my eyes. I cried forΒ help but no one replied. There was me and her in that deathlike world, completely white just like fog in the chilliest winter and not cold at all.

She stopped calling, the bleeding stopped.. No movement, nothing in response.

I prepared myself and went closer a bit to see what happened. Her body was burned badly and nothing was wrong with her face, I mean my face.. I touched her forehead and saw her bruised body. It was like she has been cursed so badly. Hundreds of thoughts were running through my mind. Her eyes were open and all deep black. I took my stole and covered her from it because the bruises were so bad I couldn’t even see them. I was crying and scared and wasn’t able to do anything for her (for myself..) My whole body turned pale and weaker.

Nothing changed, I was alone a moment before but I felt more alone now. When I saw a part of me died in front of me. I didn’t listened to me. I didn’t helped me.

It was me.. laying there.. so weakened and still..

It was me.. Dead.

In the world of heavenly white, cursed with netherworld’s sinned bruises.



23 thoughts on “It was me.. Dead.

  1. Yeah, I will stay tuned for you, just because you need me. 😜
    Yeah, it’s not that much and you are too young to be thinking of sins and stuff. πŸ™„ What could your sin be…like you came home late, or didn’t do the assignment? 😜


  2. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚
    How old is not that old?πŸ€”
    Well, good that you wrote. I am still trying to write, but no much luck. πŸ˜” The must words I have used are in this comment. 😜

    Anyhow, keep writing.
    Too kind, you are. And if it means that much I’ll read regularly. And will outsource my blog posts to you. 😜

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  3. Uhh well thanks for your words and yeah i knw m not that old yet πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠBut still. I wanted to write it so i wrote. Your words make sense after all! And i am really thankful to you that u read it bcz it means a lot to me! 😊❀❀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sins? That can’t be that terrifying. Anyway, how old are you?
    …to have plural of sin.?😱
    Still, I believe that you haven’t done sins. Come on. πŸ™„
    Yes, we do know what’s wrong and what we have done, but if we do the wrong even after knowing that it’s a wrong, then there is a problem.
    And lastly, your brain is not empty. Look at this post.

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  5. Ummm.. i guess my sins and fears led me to this thing. We all know what we have done and we knw what’s wrong n right. So, i imagined myself into that state if our sins affected our body in real life then how would we see ourselves. It took me just few seconds to think what will write and the first thing was this which came on my empty brain πŸ˜›.

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