Love, It has been quite a long time since we’ve met. I miss you a lot as I say every time when we contact each other. But yeah, everything is fine yet incomplete without you, including me. I hope you’re doing good there. So last time when we talked I sensed your voice a bit […]

What to do when you see someone you love, in Depression.

Maybe this seems boring to you but having someone in your life who listens to your shit and guide you throughout the way, is an achievement in itself. They just refurbish your mind and fabricate some new thoughts in it so beautifully that you just can’t let them go.


Alone in the alleys of town Light hours were already drown.. A couple of strangers stared at me I kept walking like I should be.. No sound, no noise came foreside Just me and my dim shadow beside.. Hummings of them followed my steps Calming my heart I speeded up my steps.. One of them […]

It was me.. Dead.

A fictional blog. Related to the thoughts and karma of us. What happened when someone dies in front of you, and that someone is YOU.

How to make people laugh at your shitty talks.

I actually wrote a post on ‘How to…’ Oh God I used to read those before! I am so happy and idiot haha.

10 things a girl actually wants..

Even I don’t know…


Yeah, I left you there Yeah, I rised from the ground.. Not because of what you thought about me Just because of what I wanted to see in myself.. I won’t regret about having you in my life As a shitty past, but as a lesson for my vibes.. I won’t give up on myself […]