15 Reasons why I don’t want to loose weight..

Hello guys! I am back with another stupidity 😉 haha well I haven’t planned to write today but somehow I ended up here typing about my weight issues. Umm, let’s not say it as an issue. I really don’t like my fatness and weight like all the girls but I am too lazy to loose weight.

I want to share some reasons why I don’t want to loose weight because I think all of you can relate to some of them. So let’s not waste the time and just do the thing for what we are here for.

  1. I am afraid of exercises because they consume too much energy. :p
  2. I want to be a different one.
  3. It’s a test for the person who loves me, if he would accept me like who I am and not what he wants.
  4. Exercises.
  5. Fat girls look cute.
  6. I am too lazy to join gym and wake up early in the morning.
  7. I don’t want to blow away with the wind by loosing weight.
  8. I can never be hungry because I am Niall Horan’s girl.
  9. Exercises.
  10. I like buying new clothes when I don’t fit in my older ones. 
  11. I don’t like slim girls because I can never be like them. so… you can understand.
  12. My relatives won’t like it when I get slim because they will worry about me that my mother is not giving me proper food or I am getting sick or weak.
  13. I have to sacrifice my pizza and fries and chocolates and soft drinks and burgers and biryani. I should die instead.
  14. Exercises.
  15. I am what I am so if you’re here to judge me. You better go and do some push-ups 😉

Sooooooooo…. all I wanna say is be yourself and don’t worry what other people say. Do what your heart says. If you have no problem with your body shape then there should be no one to say anything about you or your looks. Just stay confident in your skin because everything else is uncertain.

Thanks A lot for Reading!