It has been quite a long time since we’ve met. I miss you a lot as I say every time when we contact each other. But yeah, everything is fine yet incomplete without you, including me. I hope you’re doing good there.

So last time when we talked I sensed your voice a bit crackled. You said you’re good but it didn’t felt adequate to me. No matter if you don’t tell me about your problems, I’ll feel it. Just like I always did. Since we are miles and miles away, I want you to know that nothing has changed between us and never will it change. I love you for who you are and I don’t want to lose you for sure. And I know that you do too.

When life doesn’t seem to be good to you, do not blame it on yourself or God or any other person. It’s just the matter of time. And this is LIFE, we gain something and we lose something. Do not ever forget that it’s the fate which never behaves constant or unchanged. We can never win all the time. If we did, we could never understand the value of winning. It takes a lot of hard work to reach the goals we have planned so far. Dear, please do not be upset on things which are temporary. It’s time, and it never stops.

Apart from all the hardships you are facing there, away from everyone, I want you to know that I am there for you. Doesn’t matter if I am not with you, but you’re never alone. Never live life in fear of defeats because they’re also a part of your journey to the success. And if something doesn’t feel right to you, you should know that I’mm here to accept your failures, your fears, your ups and downs, and everything that doesn’t work out. And I’ll be there to pick you up and be your backbone, to make you fight with negatives, to stand against storms, to fight for yourself.

P.S. Missing you so much

P.P.S. I love you!




He kept his eyes on me when I wore that dress in front of him,

Recalling those unforgettable touches we had just a moment before..

He tried to conceal the monster of love inside his thoughts,

When I traced my fingers on his skin just the way he wanted..







The Wedding Day (part-2)

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The Wedding Day (part-1)

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Mom took my hands and led me outside

No noise, no voice, no celebrations foreside..

I noticed all eyes were on me staring

All I heard was people’s humming..

My heart was acting insane

The breaths, the beats, the brain..

Dad was standing in front of a flower decorated car

It was HIS, which was still unrevealed star..

I rolled my eyes at it all over in some expectations

The jasmines and roses, beautiful combinations..

Dad bowed head as he looked at me

I still didn’t got why everyone was looking at me..

I looked and gave a quick smile to dad curiously

He didn’t moved but looked at me restlessly..

“What happened?” mom asked when she came

I smiled in confusion and gestured the same..

He opened the door I was waiting for

The door I always dreamed and lived for..

There was the person I was willing to see

My future, my groom, my devotee..

My smile went bigger but dad didn’t responded

I took steps further to welcome him and greeted..

Mom asked the same if he could tell

But dad still was the same like he didn’t heard the yell..

I looked again in the car nervously

He wasn’t moving an inch even partly..

I bowed head to see as I got closer

My heart stopped and time got slower..

He was pale, pure and still

God, his eyes were closed and mine filled..

I looked at dad and again at him

“Dad he is not looking at me” I whispered

“He is not listening to my words” I whispered..

No replies I got in result

No words I got in return..

I kept asking hundreds of questions

It was like no one was giving me attention..

My body felt weaker as I don’t want to realize

My precious love, my better half is demised..

I noticed marooned henna on my hands

Wondered if he could find his name on its grands..

I wasn’t ready to face this extraordinary sorrow

It was like God has took everything he allowed me to borrow..

“No, please.. just no…” I whispered

“Please say something to me.. please!” I whispered..

Some people gathered to take him out of the car

I was just staring at him, my only leading star..

I wore a maroon lehnga and all the matching jewellary with it

He was wearing white Sherwani and matching shoes with it..

We were looking perfect

But God seems to be upset..

He was lying in front and not looking at me

And I was pretending all day that he will smile at me..

The butterflies I felt every time I saw him

Are dead now just like his soul met the rim..

I dreamed of every single thing of after marriage

The kids, the work, the happiness and affordable carriage..

 I literally didn’t believed he was gone

Someone told it was a car accident across the road..

He went to buy something he said ‘important’

The tear I felt on my cheek was inexplicably instant..

I closed my eyes and saw him smiling

Just like we first met and exchanged sweet hurtings..

I felt myself tumbled on the ground harshly

The pain, the cries, the screams loudly..

Just after my eyes closed and met him again

I saw him standing next to me in kingdoms of heaven..

We both were in whiten long outfits

Holding each other’s hands fearless and explicit..

That was the moment we gazed our eye’s ashen

In the presence of Almighty, we hitched in heaven ..






The Wedding Day (part-1)


“Look at Her, She’s glowing!”, Said an aunt of mine

As I woke up & walked in sunshine..

My heart was acting insane

The breaths, the beats, the brain..

As I rolled my eyes on the decorations

The orange & yellow flowers, beautiful combinations..

I noticed marooned henna on my hands

Wondered if he could find his name on its grands..

I could feel the different mild air

The day was more bright and fair..

The music being played all night long

The dances, the whistles, the celebrations along..

I can’t believe it’s the day

The day we have planned so far..

He and I will get hitched today

So many years, waited for this day..

“Get ready my baby girl”- heard a voice

My mom stared at me with a rejoice..

Her eyes were wet I could see though

I tried to hug her but she said me to go..

I left her in the lawn crossing all the relatives

Thinking about my Lehnga and all those imperatives..

Excited, nervous and happy I reached the room

Scattered stuff on my bed made me bloomed..

The make-ups, the bangles, the jewellery and sandals

My glittering eyes and thoughts got more tangled..

My best friend was there helping me to get ready

The pressure of looking good was killing me already..

I heard some loud noises out of the window

She opened the door glancing at them and bingo!..

“HE’s here” she giggled and ran closer to me

My heart skipped and I can’t tell was it my happiness, or just HE..

I looked in the mirror and there was someone else

Is this me or any other girl who just got out from the shell..

“You are looking beautiful” -she said

“He won’t take his eyes off of you” –she said..

I just smiled back and held her hands tightly

My mom entered with a smile but more brightly..

She was looking so happy I can’t express

She came closer to me leaving behind all the stress..

I hugged her back as I wanted that much to be

I looked again in the mirror still not believing if it’s me..

“You’re looking so pretty today” mom said in a broken voice

I glanced at her eyes resembling with the previous noise..

“Mumma please don’t cry” I said in my sobs

I could see my past life hiding in fogs..

I thought about the new life and  the new character

My new story will be quoted as “happily ever after”..


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