Rusty Canvases..


Maybe you don’t know,

I love you from the soul..

Your presence erases all of my fears,

Just don’t know how you washed away my tears..

I love your smile and shimmery glances,

Your kiss, your shirt, your heavenly fragrances..

I want to explore every minute thing of yours,

Your weakness, your strength, your hearty shores..

Cuddling on the couch in the middle of the night,

Kissing your soul and stealing your inner sights..

I may will never ever get enough of you,

Darling, I want to touch your skin and be new..

That unlit mole on the right side of your bottom neck,

Still makes me crazy and my heart throb for a sec..

As I embellish you on my rusty canvases,

I stained myself as that golden intimate stances..



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It was always the same.. and will be..

Yet another day, I am here confused like always about what to write. It’s been a while I haven’t done anything on my blogs or poems. There are two types of times we all have in our lives, first one is “Busy phase” and the other one is “Boring phase”. I was in the second one while I was updating and updating. But now life hit me with lots and lots of books and a coaching institute to prepare for NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) well it’s an exam of entrance in medical colleges. I am sooo fed up of them because last year I didn’t got admission and here comes this year, again. All I gain in 2016 is WEIGHT. Well I copied this line from a post I saw on Instagram, sigh.

I still don’t know what I am talking about, just sharing some thoughts running through my mind right now. I am upset deep down from my heart since few months but haven’t showed up to anyone, even to my best friends. I don’t know why but I don’t like to share my sad sides to anyone anymore because things will always be the same if I tell this to someone or not. My heart is not accepting to give up on myself. It has been a year since I left my drawings and artwork behind. It seems stupid to you guys but still I am sorry for sharing these shits to you.

‘It doesn’t matter to me and everything related to it is shit’ I always reply this to my family and friends when they show me some great artwork or some handmade stuff on internet or some magazines (whatever). I still make handmade gifts for my special ones but I try not like it because it will bring back my pain which I am trying to hide since one whole Fu**ing year. Anger, depression, sadness and tears, these 4 things have been there for me every time I received some happiness just like buy 1 get 4 free (haha). I cry when some sad song comes on T.V like a stupid a**hole hiding tears, but again never show storms waving in my heart.


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My Pain-tings..

You.. my reflection, my affliction

You.. completed my aura, destructed my flora

You.. belonged to my soul, murdered my core

You.. let me live free, demised my glee

You.. made me believe in ‘ME’, never complained to me

You.. lived in my heart, made me fall apart

You.. my twinkling stars, my broken bars

You.. my wishes in the jar, my beautiful invisible scar

You.. my talent, reason to my screeching silence

You.. my knotted strings, my pain-tings

You.. yes You

I love You, but I hate you-

because you never stayed

when I was being a slave

of life, and You never cared

When I was digging that grave

Scared of life, scared of thoughts

-of losing you

-of pleasing you

-of missing you

-of Loving you….