It’s All About “Me”

Hi Human species!

I am Nisha, 18 years old. I was literally obsessed with writing so I started writing blogs on Wattpad about a year ago. I wanted to spread my thing and my views about writing, music, art, science etc. I like writing funny stuff so that I can make people laugh. I write poems also but not that much but I am really a fan of poems so yes I can be a fan of yours.

I don’t like talking about myself but I’m so stupid that my posts are all about me, after all I’m a girl (sigh..). I really think girls are stupid for no reason and I’m sorry if you don’t think so. Everyone have their own views so yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud to be one.

Currently I am struggling with my studies and teaching some young ones. My aim is to become a Professor in college because I’m an introvert to speak in public you know. Hahah that is something stupid no? I like to do things I think I am afraid to do so, yeah. I really love writing so I’m not giving up on it ever in my life if it doesn’t let me do it. I can appreciate well to your works and that’s one of my talents 😉

I like being called a funny girl because I like myself being funny. My grammar can sometimes be a shit so sorry for that in advance and future aspects of life. Do not expect me to be involved in a fight because I don’t fight at all and I don’t even know when I fought last time. I am a girl you can share anything secret because I am a good keeper.

I am so overwhelmed to see the support system on WordPress that I have never expected. I love being here and I love the people in here oh God I’m so emotional right now! :’)

Well I’m a huge fan of One Direction! yayyy wait no. I’m not a fan I am a DIRECTIONER yayyy!

Okay now you can contact me here for whatever you want:-

  1.  Gmail >>
  2. Wattpad >>
  3. Pinterest >>
  4. Instagram >> @cleveridiot.nisha97

And I’m not a Fb, twitter, whatsapp girl so don’t ask me about them because God knows why I’m not on them.

Thank you so much for reading (If you actually read the whole thing! :D)

Always in love with WP and One Direction,


-Nisha ❤


8 thoughts on “It’s All About “Me”

  1. Yo, like you I am new here too. I just started my blog, never really thought I would be doing something like this. I won’t focus too much on gathering followers. This is pretty much the only way. Follow my work if you like it, stalk my work if you love it!

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